Could design help us devise an alternative model for urban development that does not capitalise by exploiting land and natural resources, but focuses on the productive capacity of people and space? The Productive Space By Design conference, which took place during the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam in 2014, highlighted the role and significance of design as both a tool and method for effective innovation that is necessary in urban and social development. 

The conference, for which Architecture Workroom Brussels arranged the content and acted as moderator, served as an occasion for exchanging international practices in relation to the sixth IABR titled Urban By Nature. The financial crisis exposed the weaknesses of traditional planning and of the underlying funding models. Climate change, the increasing scarcity of raw materials and environmental issues require a different approach. Therefore, new development models are crucial. The Productive Space By Design conference provided inspiring presentations and exciting debates on how design could contribute to devising innovative models for urban development.


Type: conference

Year: 2014