Caroline Van Eccelpoel

Caroline Van Eccelpoel (° 1975, Turnhout) graduated from KU Leuven in 1997 as a master in Psychological Sciences. She started her professional career in the academic world and obtained a PhD in Psychological Sciences in 2003 in the field of visual perception. As a volunteer, she guided sustainable group travel for young people at KrisKras, was active in refugee work and at various cultural organisations. After a year at the Study Advice department of KU Leuven as a supervisor of students with a functional disability, Caroline made the move to the cultural sector in 2005. Fascinated by experiment and artistic creativity, she worked until 2007 as a production coordinator for Compagnie KAiET! in the field of musical theatre productions, and then until 2017 for Kunsthal Extra City on contemporary art exhibitions.


In this facilitating role, she has been supporting the cultural work of Architecture Workroom Brussels since 2018 in order to achieve the team’s ambition to communicate the achievement of a different future to a wider audience.