Architecture Workroom Brussels is a cultural innovation platform for the transformation of the social and physical living environment. Its central ambition is to initiate and stimulate the development of new practices, principles and visions for the design of our habitat. The focus of the actions that the think-and-do tank supports and undertakes is the architectural future of the city and the landscape in general, and of urbanized Europe in particular. AWB provides the intellectual framework and necessary support for reflection, development and presentation of prospective architectural design. Brussels, a small cosmopolitan city and European capital, is an ideal international base for the social workplace as well as a reason for design research and concrete actions. 


The association has the following specific objectives: 

1. Providing tools to architects, urban planners, experts and authorities to design and implement a policy within contemporary urban conditions (practice development and exchange of expertise). 

2. Encouraging policymakers to include the importance of architecture for the future of cities and urbanized regions in their policies, by stimulating reflection and debate on urban development (agenda setting). 

3. Increasing the involvement and insights of the citizen in the debate about architecture, through the output of the projects and findings in public media, through cultural products and through public-oriented collaborations and manifestations (raising awareness). 


Architecture Workroom has developed in recent years as a cultural operator within a broad and international network of actors. It builds on new knowledge in collaborations, coordinates studios for research by design, proposes new working methods and cultural settings and presents the results to the public. This is continuously done to strengthen the social significance and role of spatial design, and to develop innovative design principles in relation to societal challenges. Fluctuating between question and answer and taking up different roles and positions (process supervisor, initiator, researcher, moderator, ...) in innovation processes enables AWB to function as a pacemaker in terms of content.