Sara Leroy

Sara Leroy graduated from Ghent University in September 2020 as a civil engineer-architect, option city design and architecture. In her master’s thesis ‘Ideas about the façade: a contemporary issue’, she made an analysis of the correlation between architectural theory and the contemporary questions which are on the agenda in the architectural and design practice in Flanders.

Since August 2020, Sara has been part of the AWB team as a content collaborator. Here, she would like to link her architectural knowledge to a broader interest in social and societal issues. As a young designer and researcher, she will contribute to the development of the cultural manifestation within the context of The Great Transformation 2020-2030. Within this project Sara will collect, assemble and analyse existing as well as ongoing cases and research, in order to contribute to the narrative of different ‘future places’: new typological environments where the objectives of energy, mobility, water, care,…are brought together. In addition to this, Sara will develop the graphic translation towards specific cultural products such as cartography, drawings and videos to contribute to the foundation of the public and work program with the aim to launch a series of concrete action trajectories.