Hanne Mangelschots

Hanne Mangelschots (°1993, Turnhout) graduated from KU Leuven in 2016 as a civil engineer-architect, option urban design, and uses her design background within a wide range of social themes. She focuses on structuring complex tasks to translate them into understandable concepts and stories. Her master's thesis made an analysis of and design hypothesis for incrementally developed neighbourhoods in Guayaquil, Ecuador. During and immediately after her studies, she gained work experience in urban planning and research firms BUUR, Endeavour and Maat designers. Since 2017, Hanne has been part of the AWB team, where she is mainly involved in the cultural and strategic trajectories. For example, she contributed to the publications of the 'Lage Landen 2020-2100. A foreward-looking study' and 'Operation Open Space'. Between 2017 and 2018, Hanne was curatorial assistant for the content preparations and realisation for IABR-2018-THE MISSING LINK in Rotterdam and You Are Here 2018 in Brussels, within which she guided the start-up of the international knowledge exchange platform 'Delta Atelier'. Meanwhile, Hanne is co-developing the concept, the coalition and the necessary support to structurally extend the innovation workplace ‘The Great Transformation’. Within that setting, she helps initiate innovative innovation programmes, e.g. on the theme of 'energy neighbourhoods'. Hanne is project leader of the JPI Urban Europe project "Cities4PEDs". In addition, Hanne is involved in the Board of Directors of Filter-Café-Filtré, a citizens' initiative that looks at the environment and the network of schools from the point of view of health, traffic safety, mobility, climate resilience and innovation in general.