Inauguration School Street – Rue des Riches Claires

In collaboration with Filter Café Filtré and Citytools, we are working on several school streets and districts in Brussels. In September 2023, we're celebrating the opening of two new school streets: Rue des Riches-Claires and Rue de Flandre.

By introducing school streets, the City of Brussels aims to discourage car traffic on these streets and limit through-traffic as much as possible. Since 2020, we have been supporting the City of Brussels in the creation of a network of car-free school zones in Brussels. These create - literally and figuratively - more breathing space for Brussels' schoolchildren. Here, the team from AWB, Citytools and Filter Café Filtré continues to provide local support for the school streets.

After a test phase in 2020-2021, during which we experimented with different forms of car-free school environments, we have already celebrated several openings of permanent Brussels school districts and streets. Among others, Rue de l'Aurore, Rue du Marais/Rue du Canon, the Tivoli district and the Triangle district have already been transformed into car-free school environments.

Last week, on September 11, a cheerful morning gymnastics session and breakfast marked the opening of a new school street in Rijkeklarenstraat. On September 20, it will be the turn of the new Rue de Flandre / Rue de la Clé school street.

The inauguration in the Rue de Flandre is free to visit.

Location: At the entrance of Maria Boodschap school, Rue de Flandre 155, 1000 Brussels 

8:00h Breakfast 
8:30h Morning exercise with Adnane 
8:45u Official inauguration of the School Street 
12:00h Cirq theatre 

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