Test with School quarter Rue de l'Aurore during Mobility Week, september 2021

In the Triangle Quarter in Laeken, 3000 children go to school or day-care every day. Ideally, they can move to and from their school as safely as possible. To make the surroundings of the local schools and day-cares safer, the City of Brussels designed a new circulation plan. On 15 May 2023, this Brussels School Quarter was put into action.

After the opening of several School Streets in the Brussels Region, the Triangle neighbourhood is the first low-traffic School District. In collaboration with the schools and after consulting the residents, we set out the new neighbourhood circulation plan. Instead of designing one School Street, the city council decided to make a larger part of the neighbourhood traffic-free. Several streets have become one-way streets and together form a loop plan, limiting traffic passing through the district and discouraging parents from taking their children to school by car.

The School District encourages schoolchildren to come to school in an active way. The district is also very accessible by public transport (bus, tram, or metro). Even for the thousands of pupils and parents who already come by public transport today, we wanted to make the last few metres as comfortable as possible. Hence the Marsupilami Square will be calmer and safer for schoolchildren.

The residents of the neighbourhood will also reap the benefits. A car-free school district ensures healthier air, and thus fewer lung problems in the short and long term, for school-age children and young people, but also for residents.

In the course of the year, the realisation of two more School Districts is planned: around Rue de Flandres / Rue de la Clé and in Rue des Riches Claires, both in the Pentagon.

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