A+ 302, Tackling water at the source

In A+ 302 ‘Tackling Water at The Source’, Architecture Workroom Brussels fosters the search for the source of the water challenge. Several innovative projects, a round table conversation, and students’ work bring the reader closer to the source.

The water-themed issue shines a light on inspiring water projects, such as Eau de Couture and Woluwe Waterland. These projects have also been on view in the exhibition PREFIGURATIONS, which brought together new building blocks for a Great Transformation.

In the round table discussion ‘Guardians of Water’, AWB’s Joachim Declerck enters into conversation with five landscape architects and urban planners. We have to change our relation to water, but where to start? How can water, instead of a problem, also be a solution to societal questions? And which role can designers take up in this process? One of the conclusions: we should create a context that allows everyone to be a guardian of water.

Students’ work has been an inspiring source of inspiration too! Two projects of the UGhent design studio Architecture, Landscape and Transitions, with academic teachers Bert Gellynck (1010au), Bram Vandemoortel, and Joachim Declerck (AWB), are included on page 118 and 119 of this A+ issue. Flore Soens and Enriqué Ramael came up with a new permeable road system for De Mattein in Affligem. A design called Driven By Drops, made by Ella Ooms and Astrid Berlengé, resulted in a social-artistic summer festival on the topic of the water issues in the valley of the Dender.

A digital and paper version of A+ (Dutch or French) can be ordered on their website.

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