Juul Prinsen - Water Expeditions © Z33

On 8 June 2023 Architecture Workroom is organising an expedition in the surroundings of the Herk & Mombeek, together with the ‘Bekkensecretary’ of the Demer and Regional Landscapes Haspengouw. We will learn from local actors who are realising sponge landscape measures on farmlands, orchards, meadows, and villages in open space. Afterwards, you can visit the water themed nocturne of Z33, which entails guided tours through their water exhibitions, lectures and a panel discussion.

Expedition Herk & Mombeek
We take you on a tour of the Herk and Mombeek landscape. How can the local area coalition transform the landscape into a sponge landscape? With a diverse group of designers, water and grid managers, nature and agricultural associations, test centres, hydrologists, local authorities, engineers, policymakers, farmers, private individuals and interested co-thinkers, we will have a joint discussion. How can we scale up small-scale sponge measures in the landscape? And what does this require in terms of design solutions, scientific models, policy frameworks and people work?

On the programme:
- Green-blue veins as connections between built-up and open space (Alken)
- Robust grasslands (Sint-Lambrechts-Herk & Alken region)
- Sponge effect on fields and fruit orchards (Wellen region)

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Z33 Nocturne: Living and designing with water
Z33 opens its doors the same evening for a nocturne around water. Museum guides will give a tour of their current exhibitions that will make you think about our dealings with water. In addition, lectures and a panel discussion are part of the programme.

> Guided tours
During the nocturne, guides will lead you through the water exhibitions Healing Water, River of Rebirth and FORMAT 2023: Water Expeditions.

> Lecture
To achieve a more sustainable use of water, we need to involve everyone. Three speakers present ways designers are exploring and redesigning the relationship between people and water. AWB's Bram Vandemoortel will take a closer look at the Herk & Mombeek case study, Juul Prinsen explores the possibilities of streams and rivers as paths, and Lieven Symons talks about the Waterschei district as a 'living laboratory'.

> Panel discussion
The nocturne will be concluded with a panel discussion between Liesbeth Huybrechts (UHasselt), Jan Vanvelk (VMM), Wim Dries (Mayor of the City of Genk), Wendy Francken (Vlario), moderated by Joachim Declerck (Architecture Workroom Brussels).

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