Screenshot 'Building an Agroecological Urbanism'. 2023

Farmers and urban planners do not encounter one another enough and lack mutual understanding. However, agroecological farmers can play a key role in today's urban landscape, which is in the throes of transformation. How can these two apparent opposites move towards a shared agenda?

'Building an Agroecological Urbanism' calls on farmers and urban planners to develop shared strategies around urban food production.

The online platform is based on a series of conversation stoppers, which demonstrate where the dialogue between farmers and urban planners often falters. We counter these misconceptions with conversation starters: insights and practical examples that reveal the resulting impact when the two sectors do dare give each other space. Lastly, a series of building blocks provides guidance on forms of cooperation: projects and practices to be developed, which require collaboration between farmers and urban planners, to give substance to agroecological urbanism.

The platform was built within the context of the international research collaboration ‘Urbanising in Place’. The research project focused on innovative agricultural and food growing practices in four urban contexts: Rosario, Riga, London and Brussels.

AWB was jointly responsible for creating the online resource (together with Michiel Dehaene and Chiara Tornaghi), as well as the research on the Brussels context. We found that the focus in Brussels should be on an alliance of key individuals who facilitate making an agroecological infrastructure operational.

The resource has been published and can be found through this link.

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