Introduction during a local facilitation day

Landscape parks are vast areas in which the interaction between humans and nature creates a unique, valuable landscape. Important aspects for a landscape park are the quality of the landscape and the interwovenness of the different applications of the area. The development of the landscape, recreation, nature, heritage, agriculture, housing, activities, and tourism go hand in hand.

In the coming year, three Flemish regions can get the label of ‘Landscape Park’, which will include official recognition and financial funds. Before the summer of 2023, the Zwinstreek, the Flemish Ardennes, Farmland Pajottenland, Kempen-Broek, Riverpark Maasvallei, Hart van Haspengouw and the Borderless Bocage Landscap will submit their applications. Architecture Workroom Brussels will, together with Voorland, assist the candidates with assembling their masterplans and operational plans.

Candidates must present an integrated masterplan before the summer of 2023, in which they have to give a prospect for the coming 24 years, and an operational plan that documents the practical execution of the plan in the first six years.

In preparation towards the submission, AWB and Voorland organised two central facilitation days, together with the candidate areas, Mieco-effect and Bopro. During these days, we intend on connecting the parks with the experience, expertise, instruments, and references of the associated governmental actors. The program is concerned with the Open Space Platform and supported by the Flemish Land Association, the Agency for Nature and Forest, the Agency for Immovable Heritage, the Environment Department, Tourism Flanders, the Agriculture and Fishery Department, ILVO, INBO and Sport Flanders.

Additionally, through a series of workshops, candidates get the necessary input to refine their masterplans and measure themselves with landscape parks in other countries. We inform and stimulate them concerning ‘Unique Selling Propositions’, participation with local residents, involving farmers and other entrepreneurs, or developing heritage and natural qualities.

During the last facilitation days, taking place in spring 2023, we will focus on the operational part and concretisation of the plans, in which government tools, European subsidies and local as well as international revenue models.

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