City Deal Summer Tour, 2022, Purmerend, Photo: AWB

Where do we make space for trees? How do we consider future heat networks in our spatial plans? Which types of collaborations are needed between municipalities, the state and network operators? In City Deal Public Space we try to answer questions like these.

This project helps us evolute from a range of ad hoc solutions to one coherent approach for our public space and its foundation, in alliance with Dutch ministries, municipalities, knowledge institutes and public utilities. After two years of City Deal Public Space the contours of a common narrative are starting to become clear.

In City Deal, AWB has taken on the role of ‘Atelier Master’, organising ateliers and meetings. The different development teams gather to question each other and share their perspectives. There are also 16 case studies involved in City Deal, coming from the municipalities in which the need for a new, integrated approach is highest.

During the summer, the participants of City Deal gathered in the municipalities of Purmerend, Zoetermeer, Amersfoort, and Groningen. During these ‘summer tours’ local cases embodied the spatial challenges that we are facing. How can Groningen, for example, initiate the conversation about a new street design with inhabitants and designers? Which actors need to get together in Zoetermeer for a joint cost-benefit analysis on the redesign of a neighbourhood? How to you take social issues into account when redesigning a district?

Case studies like these will be looked at on the next atelier on the 8th of December. All City Deal partners will head to Utrecht to gather the first results of the various development teams, bringing together the pieces of the public space puzzle.

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