New European Bauhaus

New European Bauhaus is an initiative of the European Commission with the ambition to connect the objectives of the European Green Deal with our own living environment. Architecture Workroom Brussels has been recognised as an official partner and will contribute to the ambition of the New European Bauhaus by translating the ambitious goals into concrete projects within the societal project 'The Great Transformation 2020-2030'.


The objectives of the New European Bauhaus and of The Great Transformation are closely linked. Both initiatives are looking for partners, practices and projects with diverse expertise and multi-voiced social positions.

In 2018 we defined The Missing Link, the lack of connections between the many experiments and practices in the field and the ambitious goals from above. Driven by this question and with the conviction that "the next big thing will be a lot of small things", we launched the societal initiative The Great Transformation. The aim is to accelerate the transition to a resilient society by setting up a workspace where we can bring together insights from entrepreneurs, citizens, civil society organisations, investors, governments, researchers and representatives of civil society and translate them into effective performance. 

The partnership with the New European Bauhaus is based on co-design, inviting for conversations and generating ideas to shape an innovative policy and practice framework. It supports a societal movement around new ways of thinking that create sustainable communities and inclusive, ongoing dialogues. Partners of the initiative will act as promoters, community managers, sounding boards and key interlocutors throughout the development of the initiative.  

Want to find out more about the New European Bauhaus initiative? Click here for the link to the website.

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