Het Open Ruimte Offensief (2013) The six tableaux visualise a new future for the open space. The open space is no longer ousted by urbanisation, but steers it. 
Landscape of Brussels and the outlying Flemish boroughs, 2013. Photo: Tim Van de Velde We could add up and merge the many green residual spaces to produce a strong, cohesive open space system. 
The Ambition of the Territory - Publication
Tapijtmetropool Tapestry of the ‘mosaic metropolis’. We explored how we could reorganise the widely dispersed urban landscape to produce a single cohesive system in which challenges in the city centre are linked to the challenges in the outskirts. 
Pilot Projects Productive Landschape (2013-2016) One of the most significant conclusions of the project is that for the transformation of agriculture and the open space we not only need designers, but also ‘area mediators’ or ‘food directors’. 
Water+Land+Scape The Water+Land+Scape programme aims to identify the urgent needs related to water management in agricultural areas and find suitable solutions together with farmers, water managers, landowners, nature associations and local authorities, which involve a win-win situation for healthy agriculture, a sustainable water system and a robust landscape.
Unsealing actions


Text: Lene De Vrieze en Bram Vandemoortel

Editing: Joeri De Bruyn

Thanks to: Alice Haddad, Carmen Van Maercke, Catherine Fierens, Chiara Cicchianni, Dirk Sijmons, Elke Vanempten, Griet Celen, Hanne Mangelschots, Hans Leinfelder, Hans Vandermaelen, Henk Ovink, Jaap Van der Salm, Joachim Declerck, Liesl Vanautgaerden, Marjolijn Claeys, Michiel Dehaene, Nik Naudts, Ruth Kennivé, Sis Pillen, Stijn Baets and Tine Segers.