Lene De Vrieze

Lene De Vrieze (1994, Tielt) obtained her master's degree in engineering sciences - architecture from KU Leuven in 2017. Her graduation project was part of a study on densification strategies in neglected suburbs of the city of Toronto (Canada) and dealt with the opportunities of socio-economic bicycle projects in this context. Lene also linked her architectural background to co-coordinating and implementing cultural projects in various Belgian cities, such as Existenz and the Artefact Festival in Leuven, Meeting of Design Students (MEDS) in Ghent and Mons 2015 European Capital of Culture.


Lene has been working at Architecture Workroom Brussels since 2017, where she has been active in the organisation's cultural core activities. For example, she was involved in IABR – THE MISSING LINK 2018 and she was curator-assistant for the content of the biennial architecture event YOU ARE HERE in Brussels. In this capacity, she helped shape the broad lines of the operation of the ‘transformation workshop’ housed on the 23rd floor of the WTC complex in Brussels. Lene helped set up the cultural and work programme of the workplace, which now also continues at its new location at Brussels Stock Exchange. Among other things, she organised the World Transformation Sessions, was involved in setting up the Dutch-Flemish exchange platform Delta Atelier and is currently working on a long-term food project. Based on this experience, since the beginning of 2019, Lene has been working more intensively on AWB's research projects on open space and food. She participates in Urbanising in Place, international action research on urban agro-ecology, with a focus in and around Brussels, and is actively involved in the platform operations of the Open Space Movement and its related exploratory programmes Grondzaken and Luwte-Oases.