Chiara Cicchianni

Chiara Cicchianni (1992, Ascoli Piceno, Italy) graduated in 2016 as a Master of Town and Country Planning from Tongji University in Shanghai, and in 2017 obtained her Master of Urban Planning and Policy Design from Politecnico of Milan. Her master’s thesis explored urban regeneration, investigating the role of public services in social integration, in the context of the Adriano neighbourhood in Milan. The research carried out as part of her master’s thesis in China also focused on urban regeneration within the Shanghai context, looking closely at the planning of public spaces with a social inclusive approach. During her studies she worked on the temporary regeneration of Piazza Castello Sforzesco in Milan during Expo 2015, as part of the ‘Navicata 14’ team. What’s more, she had the chance to work, during her stay in Asia, in the field of Landscape Design collaborating with the team of the ‘Green Fortune’ office. 


Since August 2018, Chiara has been a collaborator at Architecture Workroom Brussels. Her experience in mapping and spatial analysis and representation plays a key role in her work within the AWB team. She was involved in the production of materials for the BULB (Brussels Urban Landscape Biennale) exhibition at BOZAR in September 2018. Chiara is also working on the IABR-Atelier ‘East-Flemish core areas’ project, looking at the future spatial transformations the area will face. The ‘North Sea Port District’ project is related to the same field and similar topics. She is also part of the ‘Circular (City) Ports’ trajectory examining the ports’ transition towards a circular economy, which involves a research project and a track that develops a video-narrative on the topic of Circular Ports, where the context of the Delta regarding circularity is explained throughout the involvement of different actors and parties. Chiara is part of the AWB’s team working on the EU's Urban Europe programme on the Food-Water-Energy connection, and part of an international consortium consisting of Argentinian, Belgian, Brazilian, British, Dutch, and Latvian partners that are working on action-research on ‘Agro-ecological Urbanism’.