Marie Van Loon

Marie van Loon (°1995, Munich) studied civil engineering architecu at the Catholic University of Leuven. The chosen master option 'Urban Project' strengthened her affinity with social issues and their translation to architectural and public space.


After her studies, Marie moved to Rotterdam to work at the urban design agency Palmbout Urban Landscapes to focus more on urban challenges. Marie contributed to various projects in a Dutch and Flemish context, including the preparation of the Flemish Bouwmeester Scans of the municipalities of Overijse, Opwijk and Galmaarden and the Binnenland van Rhoon project. Afterwards, Marie gained practical design experience at the Studio Paola Viganò, mainly on projects regarding public space such as Biestebroeck dock and the Ring of Antwerp.


In 2020 Marie started as a collaborator at Architecture Workroom Brussels. She was involved in a wide variety of projects, including the Open Space Platform, the City Deal Public Space and the North Sea Port District. In these projects, she supports the collaboration between actors on the terrain, local governments and supra-local governments. Marie also participated in the Water Plan of the City of Brussels and several projects on soil care in collaboration with OVAM. In these projects Marie contributed in process support, imagination, co-creation and the operationalization of ambitions.