Jasmien Wouters

Jasmien Wouters (° 1989, Leuven) graduated cum laude in 2012 as an architect from KU Leuven (Sint-Lucas Campus Ghent). She was nominated for the prize for young architects. Since 2012 she has gained practical experience as an architect in the follow-up of design and implementation phases for large and medium-sized projects, at the Petra Gipp architectural firm in Stockholm and spent five years at DierendonckBlancke architecten in Ghent. Among other things, she participated in the realisation of the community centre in Kasterlee and the competition for Kiel fire station in Antwerp.


Based on this experience, Jasmien joined Architecture Workroom Brussels, where she works as a project manager, for example, at the IABR – Atelier Rotterdam and Atelier Noordwijk, Brussels. In both trajectories, research by design investigates how the energy transition can be used as a lever to achieve a society that is sustainable in all respects: economically, ecologically and socially. Furthermore, within AWB, Jasmien is involved in developing urban projects in which the methodology for the multifunctional use of space and embedding it in the environment are important perspectives. For example, she is currently working on the call ‘Community Infrastructure as an Incubator’ in Brussels. She is also involved in the exploration of a future-oriented framework for qualitative and affordable housing. Currently, she is also working on drawing up the Spatial Policy Plan for Bruges as a guideline for the way in which Bruges will use, lay out and organise its territory in the coming decades.


Jasmien has regularly participated in juries of masters in architecture and urban design (2014-2019). Since 2019, she is a teaching assistant in architectural design at KU Leuven, Faculty of Architecture, Brussels and Ghent Campuses.