The Great Transformation: Flyer for the walking route about Foodland

Open space is scarce, while the needs to fill up this space are numerous: we need housing, recreation, nature, a better climate, and agricultural land – all at the same time. That is especially the case for land in urban environments, such as Brussels. Can we fulfil those needs within the limited space that is available? Our guided walk through the Vogelenzang creek valley illustrates where the possibilities lie and how these are already being embraced. 

Vogelenzang is one of the last remaining agricultural areas in the Brussels-Capital Region. As in many places, open space is at risk of disappearing. With that, the opportunity to produce healthy food near the city decreases even more.

With our platform The Great Transformation we developed a guided walk along seven locations in the Vogelenzang, located on the border between Brussels and Flanders. In these places several urgent and innovative collaborations are already rolling up their sleeves for healthy, profitable, and affordable food production.

While walking through the area, we assembled more and more stories and knowledge about Vogelenzang, which together have formed the walking route. Those who joined our previous trips showed us how social housing and socially inspired agricultural models can go hand in hand, how a new generation of farmers is getting ready for the future, and how governments and public institutions can contribute to sustainable local agriculture.

The walk is available online as audio guide, in three languages (EN/FR/NL). We will also be spreading flyers of the walk throughout Brussels.

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6. Mar 2024


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