Group picture on the Wad, 9/5/2022, Harlesiel, photo: Architecture Workroom Brussels

Say Wad?! Together with the Dutch Water Envoy, the Program Rich Wadden Sea, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, Deltares, and OAK consultants, AWB organized a two-day session for the Water as Leverage exploration in the trilateral Dutch-German-Danish Wadden Sea! During these two days in the German Carolinensiel, we have been crafting different cases as stepping stones for a regional program.

Following the successful story of 'Water as Leverage: Asia', where AWB contributed to the ‘Setting the Scene’ document as a base for the ‘Call for Action’, the Wadden Sea is now being tackled. The Wadden Sea is known as the largest tidal flat ecosystem in the world and is therefore a UNESCO World Heritage. It is a front line where different (climate) challenges must be tackled together: declining biodiversity, rising sea levels, droughts and floods, salinization, demographic stagnation to shrinkage, tourist pressure, etcetera. Architecture Workroom, commissioned by the Dutch Water Envoy and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, supports the exploration of the program by examining the challenges of the entire Wadden Sea, as well as those of the various Dutch, German and Danish cases.

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