Do the Loop experience track

On Friday 6 May, Filter Café Filtré Atelier organised, in cooperation with Clean Cities, an experience walk for schools in the centre of Brussels. By doing so, they draw attention to the importance of public space that stimulates movement and thus contributes to a healthier city. A parade of 300 children and young people from 7 French- and Dutch-speaking schools, volunteers and partner organisations marched through the streets. They claimed their right to public space and were free to walk, play, dance, run and move.      

The experience track of Do The Loop is based on the track of 'Sports in the city', a walking workshop organised by Architecture Workroom Brussels together with Filter Café Filtré Atelier and with the support of Brussels Mobility in November 2020. During this workshop, we looked for concrete proposals to organise sport and exercise in the public space going from an official running track in the city centre, to public playgrounds for schools or basketball courts on top of buildings. This resulted in a series of interwoven design proposals for a more liveable and healthy city.    

At the end of Do The Loop, Filter Café Filtré Atelier handed over its design vision for a permanent loop within the Brussels pentagon, which will connect school streets with greenery and sports facilities, to some Brussels policy makers.    

You can find the vision here

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