Parckfarm Brussels, during the Future Places' Thematic Walk, 2021. Photo: Bob Van Mol

The Great Transformation is calling on designers, commissioning parties and social actors to submit models, plans, impressions, photos or videos of architectural projects that already contain the seeds for a sustainable and inclusive future. We are looking for pioneering designers and commissioners who are implementing the very first versions of projects such as food parks, energy districts or circular material hubs. They question the established social order. They offer a preview or “prefiguration” of what could and should be happening in many more places. 

In doing so, these designers and their projects are responding to a contemporary issue within the practice of architecture. Because they face a paradox. On the one hand, they are under the spotlight at home and abroad due to their exemplary commissioning, sharp architectural criticism and innovative design. On the other hand, the way in which we continue to build, take up more space, harden surfaces and consume materials and energy conflicts with the ambitious climate, circularity and solidarity goals we have set ourselves as a society. We are in the midst of a paradigm shift. The design competences we possess in-house are refocusing on embedding very abstract transition-related tasks in our everyday living environment. At least, if we develop the frameworks, collaborations and typologies needed to achieve this!

In its capacity as a cultural innovation house for transformation, Architecture Workroom Brussels is arranging these concrete projects in an exhibition. In doing so, it continues to build on the 'Future Places' agenda drawn up by the multidisciplinary coalition behind The Great Transformation. The exhibition opens in June 2022 and serves simultaneously as a research space. We will share knowledge and expertise by means of a rich and varied programme of lectures, debates and workshops. Through guided walks, we will link the grand principles to real buildings, streets and districts. In this cultural environment, we are collectively composing a new narrative for architectural practice, situated within a broader practice of change. 

Read the full call now and submit your project(s) using the form!


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