Photo: Bob Van Mol

Over the past year and a half, the Architecture Workroom Brussels team, together with the Board, has been refining the organisation's mission, vision and operations.

As a house of cultural innovation for the transformation of the social and physical environment, we look forward to the fourth policy period 2023-2027 of the Arts Decree with great ambition.

New partnerships will be established in order to boost the AWB's range of activities. They will provide the context for increasing the contribution of design in social transitions in the growing network of partners and practices of change.

You can already expect a taster of this renewed approach in 2022. The Future Places Market invites all practices and citizens involved to collectively shape the future agenda of our living environment.

In the Designing The Future sessions, we translate the innovative insights in society into new spatial projects.

AWB's workplace will be the setting for forging new coalitions that will make the transitions happen in specific places: streets, squares, buildings, districts and landscapes. We will announce the programme shortly.

The foundation that will enable us to achieve this is the team of passionate employees. It is therefore logical that we are optimising its structure and operations. AWB staff will be afforded greater autonomy and steering power. The most experienced employees will help define our strategic directions. Internal knowledge sharing and teamwork will serve as the renewable fuel powering the engine. The management team will provide support.

We welcome Frank Van Damme as our business leader. His many years' experience in management and communication will ensure calm and stability. Transition specialist Chris Roorda joins the ranks of the content team.

Several experienced employees are also exploring new horizons. Carmen Van Maercke immerses herself in the design practice with Fallow. Nik Naudts and Els Vervloesem continue to drive innovation in the sector as independent experts in design and socio-spatial research. We would like to thank them for their many years of commitment to AWB and wish them every success in these new challenges.

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