Walking workshop, Food Land. Neerpede. Photo: Bob Van Mol

Our future will be radically different. The shift from fossil to renewable energy, the transition to a sustainable food and mobility system, a circular economy, a caring living environment, and inclusive labour market will be felt in the very heart of our districts, our neighbourhoods, our homes and our streets. We can no longer separate one task from the other. Adapting our (social and spatial) environment is of crucial importance. 

We are already experimenting with all kinds of alternatives that strive for a solution to these transition issues. By connecting and disseminating the strength of the initiative, power of innovation and the implementation of very diverse experiments and initiatives in Brussels in the form of walks, we are trying to make the potential of our immediate living environment more visible. We are in the middle of a social movement, the emerging buds of which are already visible. We want to grasp, support and accelerate them, but above all, we want to make them perceptible and accessible by weaving routes between them. We find that reflecting on the city from behind the drawing board offers little guarantee of success. In urban development research, it is very important to know and understand what is already available. The most sustainable city is not one that still needs to be built, but one that already exists.  


As part of Archiweek (10-17 Oct)  

Wednesday 13/10 - 14h-17h  
An energy transition for everyone - Noordwijk Brussels (FR + NL) 
Guided by Hanne Mangelschots (AWB) (NL) and Roeland Dudal (AWB) (FR) 

Thursday 14/10 - 14h-17h 
Towards more Foodland - Neerpede (Anderlecht) (FR + NL)  
Guided by Bram Vandemoortel (AWB) (NL) and Lene De Vrieze (AWB) (FR)  

Saturday 16/10 - 14h-18h  
Building Blocks for Future Places - Noordwijk-Kanaalzone Brussels (alternating NL / FR) 
Guided by Roeland Dudal (AWB) 

Sunday 17/10 – 14h-17h30  
Themed walk on Future places - Noordwijk Brussels (NL) 
Guided by BrukselBinnensteBuiten 


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