Visitatie of the Brussels Bouwmeester Maitre Architecte (BMA), 2021

As proposed by the Brussels Bouwmeester-Maitre Architecte (BMA) in its orientation note (2020-2024), a collective reflection (in the form of a 'Visitatie') on the function of the BMA is being held. Together with Citytools, Architecture Workroom Brussels has been commissioned to conduct the reflection. This mission consists of evaluating the way this function is exercised today and how it has evolved since its creation. We are working towards a list of recommendations that could strengthen the current function, addressed to the BMA team.

In September, we organised a first series of roundtables with stakeholders from the field: private and public project owners, Design offices, politicians and public authorities, media, academia and civil society. The aim of these roundtables was to discuss the current functioning and contribution of the BMA and its team, by means of critical reflections, impressions and experiences. 

At the end of October, we would like to bring all these types of stakeholders together around one table to brainstorm on the future function of the BMA and its team. During this Brainstorming day, we will present some initial out-of-the-box proposals to the participants for improving, strengthening or extending the role and functioning of the BMA.

This 'What if the BMA...?' Brainstorming day will take place on Tuesday 7 November. The Brainstorming day will consist of several thematic sessions. It is possible to participate in one or all of the sessions.

Do you represent a private or public project owner? Do you work for an architectural firm and have you already worked with the BMA? Do you work for a media platform or a university? Do you represent an association or are you an interested resident of Brussels? Take note of the Brainstorming day in your agenda!

You can already register your interest using this form. We will keep you informed of the full programme of the brainstorming day.

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