Cover publication "Delta Atelier as innovative knowledge and action platform". Photo + Design: Vrints-Kolsteren

The Delta Atelier facilitates the setting up of new domain and sector alliances for major social and climate challenges. The intermediate results of the Delta Atelier are reflected in the publication 'Delta Atelier as innovative knowledge and action platform: building on 3 years of experiment' (NL). In this publication, we look back on the past period and look ahead to the next decade. 

The publication does not address the many themes and substantive insights that have been developed up to now within the Delta Atelier - that would have been possible. It is the process that is at the centre! We draw lessons from this about the role that incubator spaces can play in realising ambitious (inter)national objectives. They bring people and ideas together, establish connections between competences and provoke breakthroughs. Without the meticulous process of setting the agenda, initiating, stimulating and matchmaking, no successful implementation projects. Without the invisible preparatory work, no measurable results. The experiments involved are described in this publication, in which the Delta Atelier is situated as such a productive breeding ground. It is a practical example in a field that has yet to be explored in terms of incubator environments, Third Spaces, action platforms and in-between spaces. And yet the global challenges we face require the accelerated development and rollout of such platforms. The 8 experiments that structure the publication are an incentive to discuss the practical aspects of this new field.  

Delta Atelier launched in 2018. It was able to flourish within the 'cultural freespace’ formed by the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (IABR) and You Are Here (YAH) in Brussels. Thanks to the support of the Ministry of internal affairs in Flanders, the Delta Atelier has been able to develop an intensive working relationship over the past three years and has manifested itself in a great amount of meetings, discussions, workshops, brainstorms, debates, working papers, research, designs, conferences, exhibitions, etc. The results are numerous and diverse: local breakthroughs, acceleration programmes in the Netherlands and Belgium, spin-offs and new cross-border collaborations.  


The publication can be viewed via this link.  

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