The call Landscape Parks focuses on areas with a high landscape quality and an interweaving of different functions. In a Landscape Park, landscape development, recreation, nature, heritage, agriculture, housing, business and tourism go hand in hand.

Drought Experiments, the Flemish Government is launching the fourth programme that originated from the Open Space Platform. This time the Flemish Land Agency, the Agency for Nature and Forest, the Heritage Agency, the Department of Environment and Tourism Flanders are joining forces with the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, the ILVO, the INBO and Sport Flanders to support initiatives that want to set up 'Landscape Parks'. 

AWB and Voorland are responsible for the programme team's process management and for drawing up the support trajectory for candidate Landscape Parks.

The call for 'Landscape Parks' is made together with a call for 'National Parks of Flanders', which put more emphasis on higher nature and biodiversity values. Together they form the 'Flemish Parks' umbrella organisation.



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