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In the prelude to Salvador Rueda's lecture on the Superblocks in Barcelona, on Tuesday, May 4 at 8 pm, the report of The Other Atelier will be handed over to Minister Elke Van den Brandt. Apart from the report of the walks and the earlier lectures, the report also contains the results and the recommendations of The Horizon Atelier for the Vision Zero plan of the Brussels Region. 

The Horizon Atelier is the culmination of a series of events on road safety in Brussels, organised by Heroes for Zero, BRAL and Filter Café Filtré Atelier, in collaboration with Architecture Workroom Brussels. The series of events runs in parallel with Brussels Mobility workshops in preparation for the drafting of the Brussels Government's new Road Safety Action Plan 2021-2030.  

The aim of The Other Atelier is to take the debate on road safety out of the 'formal' context of the planning process and bring it to where it matters: the street. We invite the people of Brussels to learn from inspiring cities, observe the challenges on the ground and imagine what a safe and healthy city of the future might look like. 

The final report of the first edition of the The Other Atelier reports on the walks, the benchmark lectures and the Horizon Atelier. The lessons learned and the design proposals are translated into 9 recommendations for policy. The report, which you can read here (only Dutch and French), will be handed over to minister Elke Van den Brandt on Tuesday 4 May at 8 pm, as a prelude to Salvador Rueda's lecture on the Superblocks in Barcelona. 

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