Front image Circular (City) Ports Website, Delta Atelier, Circular Flanders/ OVAM

The Delta Atelier presents to you the new Circular Ports Website, initiated and set up by Circular Flanders/OVAM and framed within the Delta Atelier ‘Circular Ports Program’. 


This website brings together the results of exploratory work that was carried out for the trajectory of 'Circular (City) Ports'. While it bundles the many insights and documents, it also contributes, as a platform, to the set-up of a dialogue  between port, city, professionals, companies and experts to learn and share knowledge.


On the website you can explore the Vision, the Actions and the Building Blocks that contribute to the further development of the circular transition in our (city) port environments and that add to the understanding of what is at stake in this transition and how change can be brought about.  Dive into the collection of Circular Practices investigated within the Circular (City) Ports research. Next to that, a first selection of relevant Resources is presented, to start  building a common knowledge and learning process to make the complex circular transition more tangible.


Explore the Circular Ports Website here!


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