Example of an earlier test for a school street in Ixelles (elementary school De Wimpel)

The assignment is part of the city's ambition to improve the air quality around schools and to create pleasant and safe school environments by discouraging car traffic, increasing safety around schools and strengthening the social fabric within a neighbourhood.

The literal definition of a school street, as defined in the Road Code, is a street at the entrance of a school, which is closed at the beginning and the end of the school day. Car traffic is prohibited in those streets so that students can safely arrive at school on foot or by bike.

Architecture Workroom, CityTools and Filter Café Filtré Atelier will focus the next three years on the local guidance of the schools in carrying out and evaluating tests, linked to the bundling of lessons in an inspiring learning environment. In this learning environment, school boards, parents, neighbourhood actors, mobility experts, designers and policy will search together for long-term, city-wide visions of the future. In this way, school streets can become a lever for more fundamental interventions such as car-free neighborhoods or the safe and pedestrian-friendly design of public space. If they can trigger parents to take the bike instead of the car from now on, they can also contribute to a real mobility shift!

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