Retable depicting the 'Smarter Agro'

The Open Space Platform originated from a joint quest as to how we can better deal with open space in the future. Not as the residual space of an urbanized landscape, but as a lever for sustainable development. The Flemish Land Agency took the initiative here, with a stimulating outlook of the future to celebrate 25 years of land use. Six reredos depict the future of open space. This formed the start of what has since grown into a widely supported social platform operation. 

Retable depicting 'Landscape Construction' 1 MB
Retable depicting the 'Smarter Agro' 3 MB
Retable depicting 'Smarter Agri' 1 MB
Retable depicting 'Ambitious Landscapes' 2 MB
Retable depicting 'Open Space Infrastructure' 2 MB
Retable depicting 'Construction of the Urban Outskirts' 2 MB