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Atelier Brussels— Urban Walks

Urban Walks exploring the productive metropolis by Ruimte Vlaanderen

High Streets—7 km

11.12.16 at 14:00

We will follow one of the oldest routes in the Brussels area, a former footpath on the edge of the Senne Valley: from Schaerbeek, to Evere and Haren, ending in Dobbelenberg. The descent into the valley takes us to Buda, on the interstice between Brussels and Vilvoorde. Former marshland was transformed from the 1920s into an area for harmfull industries, now looking for a new future in circular economy.

Start in front of Schaerbeek train station, 14:00
End STIB bus 58 stop Driefonteinen at 18:00 or Brussels-North station (30 min later)

Industrious Valleys—7 km

27.11.16 at 14:00

This walk takes us from a small development in the forest to the big scale industrial complex of Audi in Forest. We will see remnants of the industrious evolution, where hydro powered mills were the core of the industrial development. We will walk through former suburbs, and experience one of the few segments where the difference in urban development coincides with the border between Flanders and Brussels. Late 20th century monofunctional development with a twist is the main thread of this walk.

Start Brussels-Midi Station, main corridor at platform 21, 14:00
End Forest-Midi or Brussels-Midi at 18:00

Industrial Groundfloors—5 km

18.11.16 at 14:00

We will walk through the result of several different 19th and 20th century visions of a ‘good city’: the functionalist quartier Nord, the ‘slums’ of the old industrial area between the railway and the canal, high density Schaerbeek and the bourgeois development around Parc Josaphat. We will have a peak inside some of the Masui companies, see old and new parks, and come across many industrial buildings that are being demolished and replaced by housing developments.

Start Brussels-North Station, Main hall, 14:00
End Buvette Parc Josaphat, at 17:00


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