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The City as Factory— Buda Workroom

With Buda Workroom, Architecture Workroom is highlighting a series of urban meetings that are taking place in the context of Atelier Productive Metropolis BXL for IABR 2016 with its theme of “The Next Economy”. The mini-expo The City as Factory creates a substantive and artistic setting for public urban debates and presents a study of the space and the human capital of the productive city.

The City as Factory includes an installation by artist Richard Venlet in an empty shop in the industrial district of Buda in Vilvoorde. With his work, he creates a context that marks the place and facilitates it as a meeting and work space. His installation integrates work by photographer Bas Bogaerts, who on the basis of a series of portraits of people in their working environment, provides insight into the economic dynamics of Brussels and the Flemish periphery.

The spatial intervention of Richard Venlet and photographic report of Bas Bogaerts in Buda provide the context for a series of city debates, the first of which will take place on 12 November 2015. These city debates bring the various actors and policy makers from the Brussels and Flemish Regions together around the hypothesis of a productive urban project for Brussels and Flanders.

The expo and the city debates find their context in Atelier Productive Metropolis BXL. This workshop is a collaboration between the International Architecture Biennial of Rotterdam (IABR), Architecture Workroom, and Brussels and Flemish actors. Work will be done around the hypothesis of a productive urban project for the metropolitan development of Brussels and its surroundings. Indeed, cities are gaining in economic importance throughout the world. To keep the economic system resilient, we must ensure that our urban region remains both socially and spatially viable. Atelier Productive Metropolis BXL will look for opportunities to give form to the Brussels Capital Region and Flanders as a platform for future economies, as a response to the economic crisis and increasing social segregation.

The expo was developed in collaboration with FIRMA vzwIt is open to the public on Thursdays from 3 to 9 pm and on Sundays from 3 to 7 pm, from 15.11.2015 to 28.01.2016 at FIRMA.


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