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The open space is vitally important. Many challenges are bundled together in the open space: climate change, water quality, food production, renewable energy, biodiversity and so on. An action perspective is required to tackle these complex challenges. This publication pleads the case for an active and integrated programme approach for the open space in Flanders. It enables recurring challenges to be tackled on the scale of the territory as a whole.

For the past three years the Open Space Platform (OSP) has united the expertise and creativity of diverse actors and sectors in Flanders around a common interest, a shared asset: the open space.

Open space and urbanisation are both fundamental components of one large, cohesive ecosystem. They are interdependent and one cannot exist without the other. The knowledge acquired in the learning trajectory and test trajectory enables us to bundle, connect and reinforce the different policy visions for the open space. In this publication we plead the case for an innovative, integrated programme approach that could accelerate the implementation of the diverse policy objectives, along with ongoing initiatives.

Operation Open Space shifts up a gear in 2018. The first programme for climate-robust, agro-water management has been launched, better known as ‘Water-Land-Scape’, It translates the knowledge shared into specific action on the ground. This brochure also explores a number of other programmes. In a subsequent phase the OSP will expand the acquired insights and elaborate the next steps.

Operation Open Space is an intermediate result of the Open Space Platform project, a joint initiative by the Flemish Land Company, the Department of the Environment, the Association of Flemish Provinces and the Association of Flemish Cities and Municipalities.

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