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Article A+ 282 village— Cultivate the food landscape

Article by Bram Vandemoortel and Lene De Vrieze. Agriculture is a hot topic in architecture, landscape… more

Publication— Architectuurcultuur in Vlaanderen (only in NL)

Interview Els Vervloesem en Heleen Verheyden over de veranderende ontwerppraktijk.

Publication— Designing the Future

On Wednesday 18 April 2018 Architecture Workroom Brussels, the Team Vlaams… more

Open Space Platform— Publication Operation Open Space

The open space is vitally important. Many challenges are bundled together… more

A Whole World to Win— Floris Alkemade in conversation with Els Vervloesem and Joachim Declerck

Els Vervloesem (EV) and Joachim Declerck (JD) of Architecture Workroom Brussels talk to Floris Alkemade (FA),… more

Launch OASE 96 Social Poetics— The Architecture of Use and Appropriation

OASE 96 examines the remarkable revival of design practices that… more

From cure to care— transitions in the healthy city of Utrecht

The results of IABR–Atelier Utrecht are documented in the publication From Cure to Care – Transitions… more
atelier, completed, partnership

Publication—Reweaving the Urban Carpet

The IABR 2014 BrabantStad Project Atelier resulted by the publication — Reweaving the Urban Carpet, a… more
Flanders, in preparation, input/output, partnership

Publication—The Ambition of the Territory

In the framework of the trajectory The Ambition of the Territory a publication will gather… more
completed, input/output, ongoing, think tank

Changing Cultures of Planning— Rotterdam, Zürich, Nantes, Randstad, Bordeaux

This project intends to collect and exchange knowledge about recent innovative large-scale urban transformation processes… more
Brussels, completed, input/output

Building for Brussels— Architecture and urban transformation in Europe

Architecture and urban transformation are among the most effective political tools for improving the social… more


atelier, completed, partnership, Flanders, in preparation, input/output, ongoing, think tank, Brussels
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