Architecture Workroom

Bap! Biennale of architecture and landscape of Île-de-France— 1st edition

Following a call for projects, Architecture Workroom Brussels was selected among 23 international practices to… more

Brussels Urban Landscape Biennial Edition 2018— Rising Waters

The second edition of the Brussels Urban Landscape Biennial (BULB) aims to sensitize the broad… more

You Are Here - Brussels

You Are Here is an exhibition, urban debate programme and shared workspace in Brussels. More info:

Announcement — IABR-THE MISSING LINK Rotterdam and Brussels

Architecture Workroom Brussels and the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (IABR) are joining forces! From June 1st… more

Urban Intervention — BRIDGE

BRIDGE — a temporary installation connecting people and space                  Bridge is an urban, temporary or semi-permanent… more

Atelier Brussels— Expo A Good City Has Industry

Exhibition – A Good City Has Industry Bozar, Ravensteingallerij 48, Brussels 26.10.2016-15.01.2017 The… more

Imagine Europe— Bozar

Brussels as the productive capital of Europe. AWB presents this vision for the future along… more
Brussels, atelier, cultural production, exposition

The City as Factory— Buda Workroom

With Buda Workroom, Architecture Workroom is highlighting a series of… more
Brussels, in preparation, input/output, partnership

Festival Kanal Play Ground

How do we create more and better public space for young people in the city?… more
ongoing, think tank

Atelier à Habiter— Exhibition

Within the context of the theme exhibition Atelier à Habiter,Architecture Workroom introduces an installation that imagines… more
Brussels, atelier, ongoing

Atelier De Stad Brussels— Kanal Play Ground

Kanal Play Ground is a call for projects in collaboration with Platform Kanal, in… more
Flanders, input/output, ongoing, think tank

The Ambition of the Territory— deSingel International Arts Campus

The research and exhibition project which was developed for the Belgian Pavilion… more
Flanders, atelier, completed, input/output, partnership, think tank

The Ambition of the Territory—Belgian Pavilion Venice 2012

The temporary association AWJGGRAUaDVVTAT (Architecture Workroom Brussels, designer Joost Grootens, GRAU, architects De Vylder,… more
atelier, input/output, ongoing, think tank

Making City—5th International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam

The 5th Internationale Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (IABR) takes the view that current massive worldwide urbanisation is compelling… more
Brussels, input/output, ongoing, think tank

G A R D E N— Parckdesign 2012

Parckdesign is a biennale focusing on the reorganisation of green space. The… more
input/output, ongoing

Exhibition—Making City

For the main exhibition of the 5th International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (IABR),… more

The Next Economy— Belgium at The International Architecture Biennale 2016

Belgium, Flanders and Brussels and its designers are well represented… more
Brussels, completed, input/output, think tank

Exhibition—Building for Brussels

Architecture Workroom has been selected by the Brussels Capital Region as curator of an exhibition… more
Brussels, completed, input/output

Exhibition—Architecture for Justice

In the spring of 2011, the exhibition 'Architecture for Justice' took place on the topic… more


Brussels, atelier, cultural production, exposition, in preparation, input/output, partnership, ongoing, think tank, Flanders, completed
With structural support from the Flemish government and regular support from the Brussels capital region and other regional and local governments.