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Vacancy - Operational Director (w/m/x)

Transition— Learning, living, working in 2050

The world is changing at a rapid pace. Jobs will disappear and new ones will… more

Workshop II— Delta Atelier Urban Management

We can and must link major objectives to everyday maintenance and the transformation of our… more

Air For Schools workshop— Keizer Karellaan and Leopold II-tunnel

3rd Air For Schools workshop in association with Filter Café Filtré Atelier – Keizer Karellaan and… more

Socio-spatial study— Baudelo Building Ghent

Architecture Workroom Brussels, in association with Ghent University (Prof. Griet Roets, Department of Social Work… more

Water+Land+Scape approved

Flemish Minister for the Environment, Nature and Agriculture, Koen Van den Heuvel, is allocating €5,750,000… more

Urbanising in Place— Rosario Workshop

From the 6th to the 9th of March, two of our team members, Bram and Chiara, were… more

Social-spatial research— Ghent Sint-Pieters

As part of the redevelopment of the area around Ghent Sint-Pieters station, the City of… more

Urbanising in Place— Building the Food-Water-Energy nexus

Processes of urbanisation tend to marginalise the role of small… more

IABR–2018+2020–The Missing Link— Delta Atelier

Together, the Netherlands and Flanders form part of one and the same unique spatial system… more

Antwerp— Mapping the shift of metropolitan phenomena in Berchem extra muros

The City of Antwerp is pursuing a renewal process for… more

CS Genk— Campus Bret 21st century learning landscape

With the concept study 'Campus Bret 21st century learning landscape',… more

IABR-Atelier Rotterdam— and test site M4H

Biennale, city and port join forces in city harbor M4H A global player, the Port of… more

IABR–Atelier East Flemish Regio— Has left the starting blocks

In 2050, the Ghent region will have 100,000 more inhabitants than… more

Regional Call IABR-Atelier OVK— Help shape the future of the East Flanders Core region

The East Flanders Core Region (OVK) expects a population increase of between… more

IABR-Atelier Rotterdam— Energy transition as an urban project

The IABR–Atelier Rotterdam will turn the opportunity created by the… more

IABR-Atelier Rotterdam— Call to Architects

In the coming three years, IABR–Atelier Rotterdam will examine and test how the energy transition… more

Open Space Platform— Call Water-Land-Schap

The weather in Flanders is becoming increasingly unpredictable. June 2016 was very wet and June… more

Water as Leverage for Resilient Cities: Asia

Together with Dutch Water Envoy Henk Ovink and the IABR, we launched the initiative ‘Water… more

THE MISSING LINK— Curator Statement, Research Agenda and Call for Practices

THE MISSING LINK The International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (IABR) applies the biennale… more

Atelier Zennevallei

The Southern Zennevallei is a region where historical industrial buildings and… more

Rotterdam Biennale appoints three curators for diptych 2018+2020

Dutch Government Architect Floris Alkemade, Flemish Government Architect Leo Van Broeck and architect Joachim Declerck… more

Atelier Kortrijk 2025— Innovative urban development strategy

The City of Kortrijk appointed AWB, together with Tractebel, Wim… more

Antwerp— Study to map the livability of neighbourhoods

The City of Antwerp is… more

Spoor Oost— Urban Renewal Project

Along with the 51N4E team and anthropologist Ruth Soenen (Simply Community), Architecture Workroom has been… more

Zeebrugge Revitalisation— Urban Renewal Project

The ‘Architecture Workroom Brussels – 51N4E – Tractebel – Rebel… more

Torhout— experiential and identity study

In the near future, the City of Torhout wants to invest in the renewal and… more

Atelier Brussels— The Productive Metropolis

In the context of the International Architecture Biennial Rotterdam (IABR)… more

Call for design teams— Atelier Brussels The Productive Metropolis

In the framework of the… more

Development strategy— Ostend Eastern Shore

Together with 51N4E (and support from Technum and Rebel), Architecture Workroom was engaged… more

Review of spatial structure plan— Bruges City

Together with Maat Designers and Voorland, Architecture Workroom has been engaged… more

Ghent Muide-Meulestede

Muide-Meulestede is a residential district on a peninsula to the north of the city of… more

IABR 2016 — Atelier Utrecht: The Healthy City

The Utrecht Atelier is being launched on the occasion of the 7th International Architecture Biennale… more
Flanders, atelier, ongoing, partnership, think tank

Eurodelta 2030 - 2100

In the framework of an agreement between the Netherlands and Flanders, Ruimte Vlaanderen, the Flemish… more
Flanders, atelier, completed, think tank

Eurometropolitan Blue Space

In its project ‘Eurometropolitan Blue Space’, Architecture Workroom examined the possibility of a cross-border project… more
Flanders, atelier, ongoing, partnership

Metropolitan Coast Landscape 2100

Architecture Workroom took part in the research by design that was carried out for the… more
atelier, ongoing, partnership, think tank

IABR 2014 Urban by Nature— Atelier Brabantstad

In the past, the development of North Brabant into an innovative and… more
Flanders, ongoing, partnership, think tank

Exploration of the Future of Flemish Land Company (VLM)

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Vlaamse Landmaatschappij (VLM)… more
Flanders, atelier, ongoing, partnership, think tank

Strategic vision— Kern Rechteroever in Aalst

In 2012, Aalst town council’s Departments of Strategic Planning and Spatial Planning together requested a… more
Flanders, ongoing, partnership, think tank

Strategic exploration— pilot projects productive landscape

The Institute for Agricultural and Fishery Research and the Flemish Government Architect… more
Brussels, Flanders, atelier, ongoing

Atelier— In Between

Atelier In Between is a policy-preparing project, commissioned by the Flemish Authorities’… more
Flanders, atelier, ongoing

Preparatory workshop— development plan for Sidaplax in Ghent

In order to arrive at a plan for the development of the… more
Flanders, atelier, completed, think tank

International Atelier— Eurometropolis

In a two-days atelier session, international experts were invited to participate in… more
Flanders, completed, expertise

Expert advice— 'Nieuw Gent'

For the purposes of drawing up an integrated programme for the further… more
Flanders, atelier, completed

Preparatory workshop— housing development plan in Kapellen

The property developer Re-Vive is working on a plan for the development… more
Flanders, ongoing, partnership, think tank

Vlaanderen als Ontwerp— Atelier

The exhibition project The Ambition of the Territory, conceived for the Belgian… more
Flanders, completed, think tank

Towards a Visionary Housing Production in Flanders

Urbanisation in Flanders is exploding. The traditional model of a freestanding dwelling on a private… more
Brussels, ongoing, think tank

Guide plan—Brussels canal

Today, the Brussels Canal Zone faces huge social and economic challenges. Architecture Workroom is guiding… more
Brussels, completed, partnership

Project definition—new prison in Haren

As part of a multidisciplinary team, Architecture Workroom Brussels was responsible for… more
atelier, ongoing

Making City—Atelier Istanbul

The municipality of Arnavutköy in north-west Istanbul wishes to draw up a sustainable development plan… more
Brussels, atelier, ongoing

Exploring the metropolitan condition

  In the context of an artist residency, Dutch photographer Dieuwertje Komen was asked by Architecture… more
Brussels, atelier, completed

Master Class—120% Brussels

To generate innovative ideas for the urban development of Brussels, Architecture Workroom… more
Brussels, atelier, ongoing

City Trajectory—Brussels Canal

The Brussels city centre is shifting toward the canal. The Canal Zone is in full… more
Brussels, atelier, completed, ongoing, think tank

Program—Building For Brussels

How to make good use of architecture and urban planning in order to deal with… more
Flanders, atelier, ongoing, think tank

Concept studios—Spatial Policy Plan of Flanders

The Flanders department of Spatial Planning is preparing a new Flanders Spatial… more


Flanders, atelier, ongoing, partnership, think tank, completed, Brussels, expertise
With structural support from the Flemish government and regular support from the Brussels capital region and other regional and local governments.